Male lion at Askari
Join us for an amazing work adventure that will take you straight into the heart of Africa.
Set in  22 500 hectares of untamed beauty, Askari is based on the Pidwa Wilderness Reserve. The work that takes place on the reserve is diverse and each day brings about new challenges and developments. As a working volunteer you actively participate in the maintenance, management, research and monitoring activities that take place on a daily basis.
Our long term goal is to create a benchmark reserve which is run according to strong wilderness and conservation ethics and principles.  You can contribute to making this goal a reality.  In the words of Edward Abbey, “ Wilderness needs no defence, only defenders”.  Come join us in defending our endangered spaces, our heritage ………

We are continually updating our blog with the events and sightings happening at Askari. Use the categories list on the right side of the page to select which aspect of Askari you would like to explore. alternatively use the ‘blog entries’ page to see all our newest posts 


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