A busy day in training week – Diary extract

Volunteers assist with Sable darting and relocation at Askari

Wednesday was a crazy day starting with a lecture on the conservation management by Garth and then a tour of HQ. After our tour, Katie then gave us a lecture on alien plant species and we went out on the game viewer to identify a few. We came back for lunch of meat pies and salad. After lunch, Joe drove us out to the Buffalo Camp gate and taught us about the electric fences. When we got back Joe gave us  a quick lesson on prepping the game viewer until we were interrupted by suspected poachers on the preserve. Katie and Joe went out with the rest of the staff to try and find them, but they weren’t spotted again.

The vet with his team showed up about 3:30pm to start darting the sables to move them out to Buffalo Camp. We managed to dart 5 sables, including the big male who killed the female, and get them on the truck. We drove them out to Buffalo Camp at dusk and tried to coax them out of the truck. We only got one out, so we decided to call it a night and let the sable come out as they wanted. Exhausted and dirty, we came back to a dinner of bangers and mash to end our evening.

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