Events at Askari this week

Askari were back to work this week after a short break and the week began with 2 new arrivals at Askari, Eric and a returning volunteer Andy (previous group: Geoffrey’s Midgets!)

A main aim this week was to try and find Brown hyaena ‘Spot’ after receiving news that her GPS tracking collar was about to run out of battery. Searches took place on Pidwa South, into Makalali and also on Langa Langa. Although we did find the signal early in the week, we were unable to get close enough to drop off the collar, unfortunately we now fear that the collar may be completely dead.

In addition to the search for Spot, a camera trap was placed at the Brown hyaena den on Langa Langa to record the progress of our cubs. Another civet kill was seen at the entrance to the den.

A python sighting was reported at the lodge so the Askari and Pidwa team were called out to retrieve it. It had made itself very comfortable by snuggling into some big cushions in the lounge. Joe, Garth and Nico were successful in catching it so we could take it away from the lodge and put it back into the bush. We went via HQ to do this where we measured the python to be a respectable 2.8m!

There were more sightings this week of our new male lions. In fact they are not actually new but they just normally live in the very south of the reserve. Just recently they have moved up to the north and have since been seen chasing the resident male ‘Bubula’ – he had better watch his back! They were spotted down near the buffalo camp close by to the remains of a wildebeest carcass.


Activities this week

–          Orientation week for Eric including rifle shooting & 4×4 driving

–          Telemetry searching for Spot (Brown Hyaena)

–          Installing a tick sprayer in the new sable camps

–          Alien plant injection in new sable camps

–          Nyala & Sable camp clean

–          Herbivore route drives


Reserve animal sightings (ID if possible)

Elephant; Breeding Herd

Cheetah; Naledi son 1&2, Lesedi & Babalo

Rhino; Umqali, Balega, Robin and Calf, New Cow, Isikhumba

Lions; 2 Tembe Males


Birds of Prey

African Hawk Eagle

Brown Snake Eagle

White Backed Vulture


Lizard Buzzard


Nocturnal animal sightings


Honey Badger


Rare animal sightings


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