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Monique Steenwinkel – The Netherlands….click here

It’s unbelievable how much you can learn in 4 weeks

Samantha Purton – England…..click here

But my favourite part has definitely got to be seeing the animals in their natural habitat, it’s indescribable

Tamara Van der sluis – The Netherlands…..click here

Thanks Katie and Ed for the amazing time at Askari

Marcel Nieuwenhuis – The Netherlands…..click here

Great chance to work in the nature and the reserve shows you how wilderness should be

Marie Vincendon-McQuade – France…..click here

Katie and Ed are genuinely nature lovers and know how to share their passion with you.

Sophie Papp – Canada….click here

I’m going to miss everyone here and am already wanting to come back

Malte Rodig – Germany….click here

Askari is definitely a very special place

Chris Pierce – USA….click here

In my time here I was able to see so many amazing things

Alex Mitchell – England….click here

Askari will be a hard act to follow.

Marie-Laurence Vinet – Canada….. click here

Being able to participate in both maintenance work and ongoing research projects gave me a better idea of what conservation is really about.

Hans Vermeij – The Netherlands…..click here

Askari at Pidwa is a place to come back to with friends with a heart for nature.

Merel Hiep – The Netherlands…..click here

I had an awesome time here.

Jannemieke Vermeij – The Netherlands….click here

The combination of physical work in the bush and research drives made the programme very diverse without a moment to be bored.

Roman van Rooijen – The Netherlands….click here

Having the opportunity offered to really live in the bush life within such an exciting animal environment was awesome.

Petra Wijnja – The Netherlands ….click here

I can recommend the Askari project to people who are not afriad to get involved in all the ins and outs of a game reserve.

Louise George – England….click here

The Askari experience was amazing

Deirdre Dore – Canada….click here

‘Lots of things I appreciate here – 1. The vision 2. Joe and Katie – extraordinary      people – knowledgeable, competent, friendly, calm and very hard working. 3. The volunteers the reserve attracts 4. The animals that call this place home.’  

Julia Wallington – UK….click here

An amazing destination, amazing sights, experiences and great people

Anna Cornelsen – Sweden….click here

‘This has been almost like a life changing experience and I had an amazing time. It is with sadness in my heart I leave this place and I just keep thinking – “When can I come back? Thank you for these amazing weeks!’

George Dore – Canada….click here

‘Askari staff, especially Joe and Katie, are superbly knowledgeable about, it seems, everything in nature and more. The physical work sessions composes an absolute minimum of my daily routine and should not be shyed away from. There was plenty of time in our 2 week stay, to see most of the animals – the only big ones we didn’t see… (more…)

Charlotte Wallington – UK….click here

I wished I had stayed longer and will definitely try to come back

Eric Dougherty – USA…..click here

I could not have asked for more knowledgeable friends and supportive leaders

Fencing, aliens and rain!

The Askari team braved the rain this week to continue with the bush sleep out in the north section of Pidwa


The owner and manager of Pidwa Wilderness therefore took the difficult decision this month to DEHORN our Pidwa rhino

Some of our projects this week

While anaethestised, his collar was removed and then a number of DNA samples were taken including blood and hair samples. These will contribute to the EWT database and cheetah metapopulation project. After all the sheets were filled in, we all got a chance to sit next to the cheetah and get hands on while the drugs worked through his system. It was such an amazing feeling to see an animal like this so close up.

The week in view

A walk in Langa Langa for Brown hyaena habitat analysis was successful this week. 8 different points were visited with some points being random and some being taken from the hyaenas GPS collars.

Emily Williams – England/Italy….click here

During our two weeks I was able to learn a lot of wildlife conservation

Sara Khorasani – Scotland….click here

Returning back to the comfort of the Askari house and the promise of a delicious meal after a hard days work made my time here both satisfying and relaxing.

Jason Klimes – USA….click here

For those that are looking to work in conservation this program is top notch.

Jordan Gledhill – England….click here

It’s better than North Africa, so do it!

Events at Askari this week

We went via HQ to do this where we measured the python to be a respectable 2.8m!

Lotte Noordsij – Netherlands….Click here

My stay at Askari has been an amazing and eye- opening experience

‘Project Impisi’ update – Possible den found

After a little inspection we found some fresh hyaena tracks at the entrance and also on a sandy patch a few metres away.

Brown hyaena update – Week 1 post release!

With so many data points it’s impossible to show you all their movements but follows a little taster of what each one of our guys is up to.

Nicholas Tilbury – Australia….click here

My time at Askari will be one that I will always remember.

A morning with the mongoose

Now the fun really began……The first job was to identify individuals so that once they were marked, we could record who we had marked and with what pattern.

Action packed day – LION FIGHT – diary extract

How to start the day today?  The day began normally enough by waking up after a night under the stars on the beach at sunrise.  I know this is not a normal start to any day for all people, but at Askari, things are clearly different. After packing up our things and heading back to base camp, we all cleaned… (more…)

A busy day in training week – Diary extract

Wednesday was a crazy day starting with a lecture on the conservation management by Garth and then a tour of HQ. After our tour, Katie then gave us a lecture on alien plant species and we went out on the game viewer to identify a few. We came back for lunch of meat pies and salad. After lunch, Joe drove… (more…)

Sleep out experience – Diary extract

I fell quickly asleep searching for shooting stars and orbiting satellites.

Transport to Askari

You will first need to fly to Johannesburg’s OR Tambo international airport and then take either a connecting flight or a bus. Click here to read all details about internal flights and buses