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Monique Steenwinkel – The Netherlands….click here

It’s unbelievable how much you can learn in 4 weeks

Samantha Purton – England…..click here

But my favourite part has definitely got to be seeing the animals in their natural habitat, it’s indescribable

Tamara Van der sluis – The Netherlands…..click here

Thanks Katie and Ed for the amazing time at Askari

Marcel Nieuwenhuis – The Netherlands…..click here

Great chance to work in the nature and the reserve shows you how wilderness should be

Marie Vincendon-McQuade – France…..click here

Katie and Ed are genuinely nature lovers and know how to share their passion with you.

Sophie Papp – Canada….click here

I’m going to miss everyone here and am already wanting to come back

‘Project Impisi’ update – Possible den found

After a little inspection we found some fresh hyaena tracks at the entrance and also on a sandy patch a few metres away.

Brown hyaena update – Week 1 post release!

With so many data points it’s impossible to show you all their movements but follows a little taster of what each one of our guys is up to.

Project Impisi – Darting and Collaring

Working with wild animals is always a challenge and it was a great relief to have all hyaenas collared