Independent students & Educational Institutions

Are you studying an environmentally based degree? Why not use your time at Askari to gain credits for your course? Help conserve the African bush and enjoy the wildlife whilst fulfilling requirements for your degree modules.

Independent students –  Askari offers you the following for your field placement

  • Practical, hands on experience in conservation, reserve & wildlife management.
  • On the job training for all projects, data collection & analysis, research techniques & tasks.
  • Training in the use of all research equipment including GPS consoles & radio telemetry equipment for the tracking of research animals.
  • Personal, interactive approach to all activities with a maximum group size of 10 and an emphasis on team work.
  • Appropriately controlled safety procedures when working out on the reserve or while off base during Askari run excursions.
  • The provision of ongoing supervision, training & assessment for students and the completion of references and placement feedback forms where required.
  • Trained, experienced and passionate staff on site combining more than 10 years bush experience, research knowledge and BSc qualifications.
  • Public liability insurance.

 All of this combined with stunning, world class wildlife viewing of species such as elephant, lion, rhino, cheetah, leopard, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest & warthog. 

If you are interested in this please mention it when e mailing us providing contact details for your course supervisor or institute. We will liaise with your study institute and supervisor and see if this can work for you.

Educational institutions –  

Askari caters for students following any environmental discipline & with a minimum of 6 persons, a faculty can secure exclusivity of Askari for field trips. Faculty leaders are encouraged to accompany students where possible & would be expected to provide leadership & motivation for their students as well as supervise internal student issues. With prior arrangement, projects can be tailored to suit the discipline of arriving students. Alternatively, the group can partake in all seasonally running Askari projects covering a broad spectrum of conservation & research areas. Certain times of year may be better suited to your faculty than others.  Please enquire.

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