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Already present on Pidwa are a number of bird and animal hides, some of which were left to go to ruin by previous managament.

Project aims:

 To restore existing hides and platforms as well as build new areas and features which will enhance enjoyment of the reserve and also benefit the wildlife present.

What’s being done?

  • Restoration – Time is spent restoring existing areas on the reserve which have been left degraded.


  • Bat boxes – Numerous bat boxes have been and will continue to be built to provide habitat and nesting areas for the variety of bat species using the reserve.


  • Pan creation – So far, a new pan has been built in the Askari garden. This will attract frogs, birds and many more animal species. In future more pans and dams may be on the agenda.


The role of volunteers:

  • Restoration – Volunteers carry our varied restoration work from painting and cleaning to building new items such as shelves and benches to go inside already existing hides.


  • Bat boxes – Volunteers make bat boxes following designs obtained from a bat conservation group. Boxes so far have been placed on the walls of the Askari house but more are planned for many of the buildings around the reserve.


  • Pan creation – Volunteers assist with the creation of new pans which will attract and provide habitats for a variety of species. Rocks, gravel and sand must be collected, ground dug out and new pipes laid to provide water to the pan.


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