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Fences surround the entire perimeter of Pidwa and these must be electrified (at least 4000 volts) to be effective against dangerous game species. The fences need checking daily and maintenance carried out where necessary to prevent malfunction.

Project aims:

To assist reserve management with fence checks and maintenance to keep them in good and effective working order.

What’s being done?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Patrols are made along fence lines and the necessary maintenance carried out.

The role of volunteers:

  • Fence patrols – Patrols are made during which volunteers check voltage and amp readings to test the energy of the fence.
  • Vegetation removal – Vegetation growing up and touching the live wires can cause short circuits in the fence and hence a dangerous increase in the amps. Volunteers remove vegetation from along the fences and also carry out poisoning in late summer and skoffling to clear all trip wires of vegetation.
  • Fence maintenance – Where needed, volunteers assist with the repair of fences. For example poles need re-straining, areas re-welding or even emergency repairs on fences broken by animals!


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