Askari rocks!

‘The Magnificent 7’ put in a solid effort this month towards our ‘protection of sensitive trees project’. Recently the elephants have caused damage to 2 huge Weeping boerbean trees on Boerbean road. The stunning specimens both had large pieces of their bark removed by the elephants which is used for roughage in the large herbivores diets. During 2 long sessions, the Magnificent 7 team collected a good few tonnes of rock from the old mica mine in the buffalo camp. There were some absolute monsters loaded onto the truck and plenty of smaller and pointed rocks as well, all used to deter the elephants. By forming a ring of sharp rocks around the base of a tree the elephants, with their highly sensitive feet, are not able to reach the trunk and remove any bark. The bark is like the skin layer of a tree and if it is removed, it opens the tree up to the risk of infection. If enough bark is removed then the entire transport system of the tree can be cut off leading toits  eventual death. The many hours of rock collecting and placement by the Magnificent 7 was a great effort and one of the 2 giant Weeping boerbeans is now completely protected from further damaged by the elephants. Great job team.

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