Anti-poaching at Askari

Poaching continues to be a large problem in South Africa and so all reserves must be vigilant towards it. Askarians help out regularly with the battle against the problem and on a recent patrol a poachers camp was uncovered. Further investigations led to the sad discovery of three dead animals in abandoned snares. On a more positive note, the team managed to uncover and remove a further 5 un-triggered snares before more damage could be done.

One of the snared animals was just a couple of days old and there were signs of a large predator having fed on it.  In the interests of research and however unfortunate the circumstance, we took the opportunity to set up a camera trap to discover exactly what was feeding on the carcass. On collection of the camera we found a fascinating collection of visitors, including;  leopard, civet, large-spotted genet, honey badgers, black-backed jackals and amazingly the rare Side-striped jackal! Here are just two of the pictures captured, firstly the ever elusive and spectacular leopard followed by the less known but equally as brilliant  honey badgers feeding alongside the rarely seen side-striped jackal.

Askari continues with its efforts against anti-poaching  in the hope that we can prevent any more animals falling victim to snares in the future.

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