Volunteers can join the Askari programme for either 2 weeks, 4 weeks or an extended stay. You will assist with all projects and activities happening on the reserve as well as research and monitoring of the many bird and mammal species that call Pidwa home.


Your first week will be an orientation week during which you will participate in a number of lectures and practicals, which will provide you with the tools you will need to actively contribute to the reserve.  During this time you will learn the principles and goals of the reserve and be provided with a general knowledge of conservation in South Africa as well as its importance.  You will also learn important bush skills such as first aid, 4×4 driving, fence maintenance etc.  You will be introduced to research and monitoring programs and learn the correct methods of recording and capturing data.  You will be taught how to correctly handle and care for all the equipment that will be used during your time on the reserve.  During orientation week you will also be introduced to the main plant and animal species that you will be expected to be able to identify by the end of this week. You will be introduced to wilderness ethics and principles and will be taught the basic principles of field guiding.  Orientation week is of great importance as your contribution for the remainder of your time with us will have a direct effect on the future well being of the reserve.


The following three weeks consist of 2 – 3 work sessions a day (approx 3 hrs each) where you will be involved in hands-on activities on the reserve. Check out the huge variety of activities and projects in which you might be involved by searching the different categories.  While we hope that your time at Pidwa will be educational, inspiring and above all else, enjoyable, we ask you to remember that you are participating in the running of an active Wilderness Reserve.  The activities that you participate in require a diligent and conscientious input to ensure that you make a valuable contribution to the future of both the reserve and conservation as a whole.


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