Michael Fraser – Canada…..Click here

For me, it all started the minute we met Katie & Brian at the Phalaborwa airport. You know immediately that the decision you made to commit a portion of your time and energy to an organization that is truly interested in conservation was a wise choice. You feel so welcome and you feel as though you have known these and all the other key players within one or 2 days of your arrival.

If you feel there are no answers to the global environmental challenges then you need to travel to Pidwa and see what a team of people with like minds can accomplish. Take part in what Askari has to offer, it will change your lives. If you are skeptical you will leave optimistic, if you are negative you will leave positive and if you are already optimistic and positive you will leave with a sense of hope, inspiration and a great friendship with two classy people, Joe & Katie. Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to our team and the natural world.

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