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Historically, hundreds and thousands of years ago many animals roamed free throughout the entire of Africa, not constrained by humans, fences, farms and everything else we bring with us. Upon the arrival of humans many of these animals suffered disruption whether it be through destruction of their habitat or persecution for food or hides. The result, many years later, is that some animal populations no longer exist in the original areas they once did.

Project aims:

To ensure all species that once existed in this area can do so again in a safe environment free from habitat destruction and persecution.

 What’s being done?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

A wide variety of animal species have been purchased and re-introduced onto Pidwa. It is not only endangered and rare species that have been released but also those which have perhaps been hunted out in the past.

Game release in the past 2 years has included – Tsessebe, Common reedbuck, Mountain reedbuck and Sable antelope, Ostrich, Cheetah, Brown hyena and African wildcat.

 Future releases planned include – Hippo, Crocodile,  more Sable, more Cheetah and potentially Black rhino and Buffalo

The role of volunteers:

  • Game release – Volunteers assist to ready areas for game release and even open holding boxes and crates themselves.
  • Monitoring – Certain species require monitoring upon arrival and this is carried out by the Askari team with volunteers.


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