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Morning Lion drive

“Lions have been sighted, 60 seconds and we’re off” We were fortunate enough to recieve a call to a lion sighting not to far from Askari house and we all managed to drop our morning routines at get there in time. We found 2 lionnesses sitting in beautiful sunrise lighting that illuminated their golden coated fur. A sudden shift in… (more…)

Casey Mckeown – England….click here

It’s not just what you see though, the work you do there is good, to know that it’s making a difference and that’s a great feeling.

James Montgomery – England….click here

There’s a reason Askari is so highly regarded – take the trip of a lifetime and find out why.

Sarah Cleave – England….click here

I learnt a lot and made some good friends.

Peter Slatinsek – Slovenia….click here

The 2 week stay at Askari was everything I hoped it to be. Seeing different mammals in their natural environment was breathtaking. Being one of the volunteers and helping out at the conservation program was one of the best experiences in my life.

Jenny Milson – Canada…click here

I had an amazing experience.

‘Cooper’ the Rhodesian ridgeback arrives at Askari

‘Cooper’ settles into his new home at Askari

Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

  We are currently busy updating our site, there are plenty more photos on the way. Use the categories list to the right to select what aspect of Askari conservation Programme  you would like to discover Join us for an amazing work adventure that will take you straight into the heart of Africa. Set in  22 500 hectares of untamed… (more…)