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Sleeping under the stars

This week the whole team to sleep out in the wild with only a camp fire illuminating the surrounding darkness. With the clearest blue sky and not a cloud in sight we knew we were in for a treat come nightfall. We chose to head towards the Selati River where water has not flown all dry season, leaving only soft… (more…)

Sable and Nyala darting, with bonus Cheetah!

Well today has been one hell of a day. Our initial plan was to dart the remaining Sable and Nyala to be moved to buffalo camp and the new breeding camps. We moved 33 of the Sable last week so we only had the large males and a few sub-adults still to be moved. After successfully re-locating all 9 of… (more…)

Sable Moving Day

This week was moving out time for Askari’s Sable Antelope. All the Sable from the camps in and around the Askari base had to be moved to Buffalo Camp, as their management is to be rearranged and expansion of the Sable breeding program is to follow. This meant moving 42 Sable from 3 different camps into their new home at… (more…)

Buffalo Darting and Nyala relocation

Last Thursday was our scheduled day with our resident Veterinarian Peter. Our aim of the day was to dart 2 of the young Buffalo for routine procedures and to relocate two breeding male Nyala from Langa Langa into the breeding camps (if we could catch them!). Peter explained to the team about the required dosage of sedative for the buffalo,… (more…)

Askari Kruger trip

Earlier this week we were given the news that the team would be having a mid-week excursion to Kruger national park. For those of you who don’t know, Kruger is the largest national park in South Africa covering 19500 square kilometers. It was also the first of its kind, having been established in 1926. After just shy of a 2… (more…)

Brown hyaena local to Askari

In the coming weeks we will place camera traps to try and catch a glimpse of the hyaena and work out if it is one of our original adults or a young one moving into the area.

Kevin the baby warthog – 2 years on………

Since finding ‘Kevin’ 2 years ago and writing out first blog post, we have received numerous emails and messages from others who have found themselves as surrogate piggy parents. We therefore thought it was about time for a follow-up report on Kevin and the 40kg young man that he is today!

Prescribed management burns at Askari – 2013

Each Askarian was paired up with a member of ‘working on fire’ and we set off armed with drip torches, backpack sprayers and fire beaters.

The Sable Station – Construction project at Askari

The tower was built in the far corner of the garden with a clear view down to the feeding bays in all 3 antelope breeding camps

Invertebrate benthic monitoring at Askari

Back at Askari it was time to go through the samples and we found an amazing variety of benthics living in Pidwa’s water systems.


The owner and manager of Pidwa Wilderness therefore took the difficult decision this month to DEHORN our Pidwa rhino

A morning with the mongoose

Now the fun really began……The first job was to identify individuals so that once they were marked, we could record who we had marked and with what pattern.

Hand rearing a baby warthog – Kevin the piglet at Askari

For some it will just be a great story about a piglet of amazing character. For others, and the main purpose of me writing this, we hope it will help those who find themselves in the same situation as we did a few months ago. We hope it may give you the information you need (that we were so lacking) when you next attempt to hand rear a baby warthog!

Elephant darting & Relocation – October 2011

These are in fact the only elephants being moved in South Africa this year and Askari was there to see it!

Pidwa burning – October 2011

Burning continued into the early evening and the flames emitted an amazing orange glow over the night sky.

Ground hornbill conservation efforts continue

Today the volunteers helped place a new nesting box into a tree in the area where the ground hornbill has recently been sighted

The Langa Cheetah Boys

The vet sedated Hwaqile and carried out some repairs and cleaning of the wounds. For now Hwaqile will be left in a boma to recover and we are hopeful for his return to health.

Askari get a “behind the scenes” look at Kruger!

Fatalities vary from species of birds which land or collide in flight to giraffes hitting low lines.

Anti-poaching at Askari

On collection of the camera we found a fascinating collection of visitors, including; leopard, civet, laruge-spotted genet, honey badger, black-backed jackal and amazingly the rare side-striped jackal also!

Eddies aviary complete!

A massive thank you to ‘The Regulators’ for their hard work which has been much appreciated and has produced a new home for Eddie firmly cemented in the landscape of the Askari house sunrise.

New arrivals – Spotted hyena cubs confirmed on Pidwa!

A camera trap was quickly set in the afternoon and we are very pleased to report that on checking it yesterday morning we have atleast two cubs at the den.

‘Cooper’ the Rhodesian ridgeback arrives at Askari

‘Cooper’ settles into his new home at Askari

First ever baby Sable to be born on Pidwa

This is a great success story and the first of what we hope will be many sable, successfully bred on Pidwa.

Askari rocks!

Protection of giant Weeping boerbean tree completed by ‘The Magnificent 7’

Wildebeest release – April 2011

105 new Blue wildebeest added to the Pidwa population

More cheetah antics

The rogues vs the Langa coalition…..again!

Eddie the eagle

This month the Askari team were able to rescue an injured Wahlbergs eagle which is now being rehabilitated

An unusual number of Leopard sightings for 2011

We just can’t stop seeing the stunning cats.

Elephant darting & contraception – October 2010

Up close & personal with the largest land mammal on earth

Rhino Darting – September 2010

At a time when the species is being persecuted so much by poachers it was time to re-locate some males and bring in some females in the hopes of adding some indivduals to the population

Cheetah CSI – September 2010

What happens when the territories of 2 cheetah coalitions collide?

Mass game capture – August 2010

Running the curtains, helicopter flights, off-loading game. All in a days work

Nyala darting – June 2010

20 nyala moved to a new home

Ostrich release – May 2010

Crazy ostrich raleigh

Impala rutting season – April 2010

The impala have gone crazy!

Mountain reedbuck release – March 2010

38 new Mountain reedbuck released

Reptile deliveries – February 2010

Leopard tortoise and Puff adder released at Askari

New Askari pride member – January 2010

A tiny new lion cub has been spotted

Pidwa Burning – October 2009

Burn baby, burn…..