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Vicki Baker – New Zealand….click here

Great organisation and a good blend of activities. I learned heaps! 10 out of 10! Makes it hard to consider doing anything else really!

Elise Greve – USA….click here

I felt that I contributed to a highly ethical conservation program

Mark Greet – England ….click here

We arrived as individuals and 4 weeks later leave as a very close knit team having experienced so much together

Lindsay Reich – USA….click here

Not only was the wildlife spectacular, but all of the activities and projects we helped out with were so fulfilling and rewarding

Allie Wisniewski – USA….click here

Pidwa also stays true to its mission towards conservation and is a special place

Leopold Minvielle – France… here

Memories to last a lifetime

Stef Westerik – The Netherlands… here

It has been an amazing time here for me.

Claire Miller – Australia……click here

Thanks so much to the Askari staff Katie & Ed, and Pidwa staff Andrew and Elricht for their incredible knowledge, good company and honesty about the management dilemmas facing wilderness reserve s and national parks under pressure on a crowded planet.

Natalie Steiner – England (2nd stay)… here

Askari has yet again proved it is the only volunteer programme anyone should consider if they’re serious about working hard, contributing to real wildlife conservation and making the most of an invaluable opportunity.

Molly Shannon – Canada……click here

When you’re not enjoying the countless wildlife you are partaking in meaningful activities that lead to the longevity of this reserve’s ecosystem.

Shannon Farmer – Canada… here

The people here are truly passionate about the conservation, preservation and restoration of South Africa’s pristine ecosystems and wildlife

Meidan Leiderman – Canada….click here

I would love to come back for another stay at Askari

Ryan Wheatley – Canada….click here

Askari and Pidwa have a way of inspiring positive change in the lives of participants

Tyla Reed – Canada… here

Such passionate and inspirational people make it easy to learn from.

Carly White – Canada….click here

Having returned for a second time, I was continually blown away by the knowledge and passion shown by the Askari staff.

Alexander Brekelmans – Canada….click here

Being able to help and support a reserve whose main goal is to restore the landscape to it’s original form is amazing

Will Richmond – Canada……click here

The Askari programme us truly a rare experience. Their focus is on education, conservation, and restoration – which sets it apart from other reserve programs. I felt like my work was making a difference and that the people at Pidwa appreciated it. The reserve staff and guides were all extremely welcoming and quickly became close friends of mine. They were… (more…)

Samantha Croxford – England….click here

A month I will never forget! I can’t recommend the Askari conservation programme highly enough!

Wendy Cutting – England….click here

A month in a true wilderness with enthusiastic guides and everything from elephants to dung beetles to discover

Sofie Banister – England….click here

2 weeks simply isn’t enough time to experience the beauty of Pidwa and all it has to offer

Dario Piovesana – England….click here

As someone who has been involved in quite a few volunteer projects, I can honestly say Askari is one of the best.

John Key Powell – USA….click here

I will recommend Askari to anyone trying to visit South Africa for its wildlife.

Kate Hewitt – Canada….click here

This experience has been extremely life-changing

Richard Goetz – Canada….click here

It was almost 5 years ago since I was last here, so I’m really pleased this opportunity came to fruition.

Anna McNeillie – England….click here

Absolutely loved my time here at Askari! Complete mixture of learning about the conservation work that is done here.

John Young, United Kingdom………….Click Here

At 56 years old, I am the oldest person on the project, but fit in very well. A great bunch of volunteers.

Luke Harris, United Kingdom……………Click Here

The drives have left me with some amazing experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. They are very personal and exciting.

Mark Harris, United Kingdom…………Click Here

I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of it. We learnt a lot, had some great sightings and very hot weather!!

Susan van Rijn – The Netherlands….click here

I came to do conservation work but did not realise I would go home with so much knowledge of the bush and many new friends

Natasha Eastwood – England….click here

I’ve has the best time of my life. I will definitely be coming back to Askari and strongly recommend this place to anyone

Shirley Coopman – The Netherlands….click here

You become part of an awesome team where you make new friends.

Jordan Gledhill – England….click here

I am back in South Africa and it would have been rude to not pop into Askari for 2 weeks. It was just as much fun as I remembered

Mike Oldridge – England….click here

An incredible experience full of amazing sightings, laughs and excitement and you come away feeling that you’ve actually made a difference.

Zachary Bogar – Canada….click here

I never thought I would have come away with all the amazing wildlife memories I have and that’s thanks to the hard work Pidwa puts into protecting their animals.

Anouk van den Bosch – The Netherlands… here

I wish I could stay at Askari. It was truly amazing.

Iris Jonker – The Netherlands….click here

“Nature is not a place to visit, it’s home” and Askari has definitely felt like a home

Mathis Drapeau -France……… Click Here

Where to start, and where to end after 4 amazing weeks here?! Maybe saying it was too short, but that I have enjoyed every minute, every activity, every sighting and moment shared with the Askari family. I was expecting something good, but it was more than just good. The time I have spent here is one of the best times… (more…)

Janneke van Kraglingen – The Netherlands ……… Click Here

I got picked up at the airport not really knowing what to expect and immediately we were Askarians! Within no time we new arrivals were part of the team. Everybody helped each other. I learnt so much about animals and conservation and the idea of Pidwa. I am so happy that I have been able to contribute to this idea.… (more…)

Olga Pozos Alexandre – Australia/Spain ……… Click Here

I really enjoyed my 2 week stay at Askari. I loved the respect and care the staff has for all animals. It was also fun participating in games and combining chores and fun. I think it is great how Askari not only cares and looks after the animals but also care and looks after the habitat. Askari also teaches the… (more…)

Miranda Coobs- The Netherlands……Click Here

It was an amazing, wonderful informative but most of all a time I will never forget! Katie and Ed are two amazing people and do an amazing job at Askari. I am thankful to be a member of the Askari family!