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Richard & Anne Wiles – England……click here

I cannot imagine anyone coming away from this program without gaining a significantly improved understanding of what conservation means in reality

Steven Bradburn…..England…click here

My only regret is having decided to do 2 weeks instead of more

Casey Mckeown – England….click here

It’s not just what you see though, the work you do there is good, to know that it’s making a difference and that’s a great feeling.

Shauna Mckeown – England….click here

There are no words to describe my time here, you can only know how amazing it is by experiencing it for yourself

Sumayah Rahman – USA……click here

I cannot believe how much I learned about wildlife and the inner workings of an African wilderness reserve.

Liz McBriar – England….click here

Askari really is an outstanding volunteering project. Believe the reviews!

Mathias Weigand – Germany….click here

The reserve has a stunning nature and we had our accommodation in the middle of it.

Martin Borchers – USA….click here

Askari is a place that everyone can enjoy

James Montgomery – England….click here

There’s a reason Askari is so highly regarded – take the trip of a lifetime and find out why.

Boram Noh – South Korea….click here

I learned how to love nature, I learned many things from the nature.

Janan Kothari – Belgium….click here

I’ve made a lot of new friends and enjoyed being a part of such a hard working team.

Blaz Blazic – Slovenia….click here

I learned so many new things during my two weeks stay

Alice Clark – Scotland….click here

Every day is new and exciting, nobody wants to leave Askari

Sarah Cleave – England….click here

I learnt a lot and made some good friends.

Peter Slatinsek – Slovenia….click here

The 2 week stay at Askari was everything I hoped it to be. Seeing different mammals in their natural environment was breathtaking. Being one of the volunteers and helping out at the conservation program was one of the best experiences in my life.

Jenny Milson – Canada…click here

I had an amazing experience.

Nadia Skokun – Canada… here

My 4 week stay at Askari was the most amazing time of my life

Monique Steenwinkel – The Netherlands….click here

It’s unbelievable how much you can learn in 4 weeks

Samantha Purton – England… here

But my favourite part has definitely got to be seeing the animals in their natural habitat, it’s indescribable

Tamara Van der sluis – The Netherlands… here

Thanks Katie and Ed for the amazing time at Askari

Marcel Nieuwenhuis – The Netherlands… here

Great chance to work in the nature and the reserve shows you how wilderness should be

Marie Vincendon-McQuade – France… here

Katie and Ed are genuinely nature lovers and know how to share their passion with you.

Sophie Papp – Canada….click here

I’m going to miss everyone here and am already wanting to come back

Mandy Li – Australia… here

Askari is the best place on EARTH!

Kensi van Rijswijk – The Netherlands……click here

The whole experience of working in the bush and helping out is amazing!

Annie Fletcher – Australia….click here

We were lucky enough to participate in a range of exciting and worthwhile activities during our stay including a Sable darting and receiving a delivery of zebra and buffalo!

Jake Grifith – England (2nd stay)… here

There is not a single thing that I would change about the activities or the lifestyle, no day here us the same and that is the magic of the place

Greg Sollis – Australia….click here

Throughout the entire volunteer experience all efforts were able to be focused on important conservation work without any distractions or conditions

Claire Godfrey – Scotland……click here

I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge and a passion to spread it.

Neil Cowper – Scotland… here

Never want to leave

Merric Fletcher – Australia… here

The program was amazing and I had so much fun while learning so much

Rosalie Hayes – England (2nd stay)… here

As a volunteer, you see first hand how the actions of humans can help to return land back to its natural wilderness

Victoria Hartley-Cox – Canada… here

Askari felt like a little bit of home in the middle of the African bush.

Bradley Reynolds – Australia… here

Lastly, you can’t beat life out in the African bush

Elizabeth Lee – South Korea… here

The Askari Wilderness Conservation programme will surely fulfil (and most likely exceed) anyone’s expectations of conservation projects.

Natalie Durant – England… here

I learnt so much in just a month and didn’t expect to fall in love with Africa quite so quickly but I am now counting down the days until I can go back again!

Cassandra Macmillan – Canada….click here

The work really feeds your soul, an empowering experience that makes you never want to leave.

Autumn Barrett-Morgan – Canada……click here

My time at Askari was a life-changing experience in the most positive way possible

Jeffery McFarlane – Canada….click here

It was so refreshing to experience the wilderness here as nature intended and 100% uncensored.

Keri-Ann Ward – Canada….click here

Askari is hands-on and practical