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Monique Steenwinkel – The Netherlands….click here

It’s unbelievable how much you can learn in 4 weeks

Samantha Purton – England… here

But my favourite part has definitely got to be seeing the animals in their natural habitat, it’s indescribable

Tamara Van der sluis – The Netherlands… here

Thanks Katie and Ed for the amazing time at Askari

Marcel Nieuwenhuis – The Netherlands… here

Great chance to work in the nature and the reserve shows you how wilderness should be

Marie Vincendon-McQuade – France… here

Katie and Ed are genuinely nature lovers and know how to share their passion with you.

Sophie Papp – Canada….click here

I’m going to miss everyone here and am already wanting to come back

Mandy Li – Australia… here

Askari is the best place on EARTH!

Kensi van Rijswijk – The Netherlands……click here

The whole experience of working in the bush and helping out is amazing!

Annie Fletcher – Australia….click here

We were lucky enough to participate in a range of exciting and worthwhile activities during our stay including a Sable darting and receiving a delivery of zebra and buffalo!

Jake Grifith – England (2nd stay)… here

There is not a single thing that I would change about the activities or the lifestyle, no day here us the same and that is the magic of the place

Greg Sollis – Australia….click here

Throughout the entire volunteer experience all efforts were able to be focused on important conservation work without any distractions or conditions

Claire Godfrey – Scotland……click here

I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge and a passion to spread it.

Neil Cowper – Scotland… here

Never want to leave

Merric Fletcher – Australia… here

The program was amazing and I had so much fun while learning so much

Rosalie Hayes – England (2nd stay)… here

As a volunteer, you see first hand how the actions of humans can help to return land back to its natural wilderness

Victoria Hartley-Cox – Canada… here

Askari felt like a little bit of home in the middle of the African bush.

Bradley Reynolds – Australia… here

Lastly, you can’t beat life out in the African bush

Elizabeth Lee – South Korea… here

The Askari Wilderness Conservation programme will surely fulfil (and most likely exceed) anyone’s expectations of conservation projects.

Natalie Durant – England… here

I learnt so much in just a month and didn’t expect to fall in love with Africa quite so quickly but I am now counting down the days until I can go back again!

Cassandra Macmillan – Canada….click here

The work really feeds your soul, an empowering experience that makes you never want to leave.

Autumn Barrett-Morgan – Canada……click here

My time at Askari was a life-changing experience in the most positive way possible

Jeffery McFarlane – Canada….click here

It was so refreshing to experience the wilderness here as nature intended and 100% uncensored.

Keri-Ann Ward – Canada….click here

Askari is hands-on and practical

Deanna Hergert – Canada… here

It is a rare ting in this world to get to work towards conservation of such world-renowned wildlife and be so intimately involved in their world every day.

Joseph Broughton – Canada… here

My time at Askari has been one of if not the greatest experience of my life

Mike Oldridge – England… here

An incredible experience that will live with me forever.

Joanne Auberson – Australia…..clcik here

I can safely say I recommend Askari to anyone

Lieke van Moorsel – The Netherlands… here

You can learn so much about the bush and the behaviours of the animals.

Cindy Prevost – France… here

It was a dream for me to come here

Michael Leuchtenberg – Germany… here

Askari is like a dream come true that I didn’t even know I had.

Alexander Bowscher – England….click here

You surpassed my high expectations.

Samantha Williams – England….click here

It is the experience of a lifetime

Merel Schrama – The Netherlands….click here

The respect for mother nature – the wilderness, bush and animals is the most important thing on the project

Jaye Sawdon – England….click here

Askari stands for something very real and it plays a vital role in bringing together humans and wildlife in a way that benefits both of us.

William Rice – England….click here

I take away some fantastic memories of the people and animals and I would do it all again in an instant.

Katie Stoker – England….click here

I would recommend Askari to anyone who wants to make a difference to conservation and wildlife.

Natasha King – England….click here

As well as the conservation, the Askari project is a lot of fun and the multiple animal sightings really make the trip.

Jasper Barbash-Taylor – USA… here

Be amazed by breathtakingly close encounters with the wild animals found around almost evey bend in the road.

Troy Chase – Barbados… here

All the activities were a chance for me to learn and to get out of my comfort zone

Laura Edwards – England….click here

It’s a perfect balance of work and fun