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Morning Lion drive

“Lions have been sighted, 60 seconds and we’re off” We were fortunate enough to recieve a call to a lion sighting not to far from Askari house and we all managed to drop our morning routines at get there in time. We found 2 lionnesses sitting in beautiful sunrise lighting that illuminated their golden coated fur. A sudden shift in… (more…)

Impromptu Elephant encounter

This mornings plan for the team was to collect hundreds of rocks from the dried up river bed to repair roads throughout the reserve. Once we had filled up a whole bucky (car with an open back) of rocks we drove to the damaged sites. Roads often form tyre channels during the wet seasons due to the water loosening the… (more…)

What a week!

Spotted hyena, cheetah and lion were all encountered this week with each giving an incredibly unique sighting. Our first lion encounter occurred along a dried river bed where a male and female seemed to be relaxing after what looked like a large meal they’d devoured not that long before we discovered them. Similar to that of our cheetah encounter who… (more…)

Just one of those drives!

Our new group of volunteers arrived this Monday and were extremely lucky with their first venture into the bush! We set off on a drive out into the bush for an obligatory sundowner where we all certainly did not expect to have such an eventful little trip! Our reserve fence patroller called us because he was ‘blocked by the lions’… (more…)

Cheetahs on Sleep out!

So this week we had our sleep out session, as some of you may know this involves setting up camp at a nice spot somewhere in the bush before building a fire which we then sleep around. On this occasion we chose the river which is all dried up at the moment as we are coming towards the end of… (more…)

The snakes are returning!

With Summer just around the corner we have had a few snake encounters in the last week, as they begin to come out of hibernation for the warmer weather. Firstly, we had a call recently to one of the hay stores by a staff member who had discovered a young Rock Python amongst the bales, these stores tend to attract… (more…)

Honey Badgers, Lions, Elephants and more!

Less than 24 hours after arrival, not even 10 minutes into our first game drive with our new volunteers we spotted a Honey Badger foraging for what we suspect was hibernating frogs, Amazing! The Badger hung around for around ten minutes before skulking off back into the bush, only to reappear when we came past the same spot later that evening.SAM_0619 We have also been very lucky with the Elephants! A sighting almost every day with large herds of up to 18 having been spotted down by Lilypan near the Askari house. SAM_0631 Finally to end the week off on a high, an amazing sighting of a pair of spotted Hyenas down in the far south of the reserve on our early morning drive, who were very relaxed around us and lay in front of the vehicle warming up in the early morning sun. Thinking our luck could not continue we headed back for home, only to discover a Lion and Lioness in the road by the Selati river! They would not stop showing off their impressive teeth by continuously yawning in front of us as they prepared themselves to venture out for the evening. What a week of sightings, lets hope that our luck continues!

Tiny spotted hyaena cub seen

Just a few minutes later a tiny little head popped out of the hole behind her

Giant Barbel in Askari Waters!

This river giant proved just how impressive and capable it is was on land too!

Cobra vs Mongoose

Slender mongoose vs Snouted cobra…..who wins?!

Cheetah vs Leopard

Which of these 2 cats comes out on top when they meet over a kill?

A young Serval kitten on its daily hunt

What a privelege, to watch a young serval go about its daily duties catching birds

Pangolin – The rarest creature in the African bush

An odd looking, armoured ant eater, the pangolin is an extremely rare treat to see

Giraffe feast for the lions

An adult male giraffe is a big meal, even for a pride of 7 lions with 4 hungry cubs to feed