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Reserve records & Identification kits – Read more here

Records are kept of all sightings that the team enjoy of elephant, rhino, lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena and more

Predator & Prey dynamics research – Read more here

The predators provide us with some great sightings, especially if we’re lucky enough to find them feeding on a kill. This information is valuable to the management of the reserve

Nyala, Reedbuck & Sable breeding programme – Read more here

Askari volunteers help look after the breeding camps for rare antelope species

Nocturnal mammal monitoring – Read more here

A chance to see some of the rare, weird and elusive nocturnal creatures!

New game introductions – Read more here

Be a part of releasing new game onto our wilderness area

Lion contraception programme – Read more here

Volunteers may have the chance to get up close and personal with Africa’s largest carnivore

Herbivore age & sex monitoring – Read more here

Do you know your kudu from your nyala and steenbok from your duiker? Askari monitors the herbivore species as well as the predators

Game capture & release – Read more here

Askari assist with all new game releases onto the reserve and also with the huge task of game capture

Elephant impact & Monitoring – Read more here

Monitoring of the largest mammal on earth

Cheetah re-introduction – Read more here

Askari is part of the cheetah action plan to help conserve this endangered species

African wildcat rehabilitation – Read more here

The African wildcat is a secretive nocturnal cat, but its populations are quickly becoming threatened due to in-breeding with domestic cats.