Monthly Archives: May 2016

Molly Shannon – Canada……click here

When you’re not enjoying the countless wildlife you are partaking in meaningful activities that lead to the longevity of this reserve’s ecosystem.

Shannon Farmer – Canada… here

The people here are truly passionate about the conservation, preservation and restoration of South Africa’s pristine ecosystems and wildlife

Meidan Leiderman – Canada….click here

I would love to come back for another stay at Askari

Ryan Wheatley – Canada….click here

Askari and Pidwa have a way of inspiring positive change in the lives of participants

Tyla Reed – Canada… here

Such passionate and inspirational people make it easy to learn from.

Carly White – Canada….click here

Having returned for a second time, I was continually blown away by the knowledge and passion shown by the Askari staff.

Alexander Brekelmans – Canada….click here

Being able to help and support a reserve whose main goal is to restore the landscape to it’s original form is amazing

Will Richmond – Canada……click here

The Askari programme us truly a rare experience. Their focus is on education, conservation, and restoration – which sets it apart from other reserve programs. I felt like my work was making a difference and that the people at Pidwa appreciated it. The reserve staff and guides were all extremely welcoming and quickly became close friends of mine. They were… (more…)