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Morning Lion drive

“Lions have been sighted, 60 seconds and we’re off” We were fortunate enough to recieve a call to a lion sighting not to far from Askari house and we all managed to drop our morning routines at get there in time. We found 2 lionnesses sitting in beautiful sunrise lighting that illuminated their golden coated fur. A sudden shift in… (more…)

Victoria Williams – England………click here

My experience at Askari has been invaluable. I have learnt so much from Katie and Ed, although I didn’t realise it at the time. The message from Askari isn’t just about conservation and respect for the wild bush of Africa, but to have a bloody fun time while doing it. We worked hard, we played hard and i cannot thank… (more…)

Jake Kitchiner – England……… click here

Excellent programme with the right balance of learning and work contributing to the reserve. Askari probably doesn’t give itself the credit that it deserves. It opened my eyes to so many new things, Askari and South Africa will always have a special place in my heart.

Fabian Mausbeck – Germany………click here

It has been a really nice experience to live and work next to wild animals. To see them in their natural environment was one of my best experiences I have ever had. Our group was so pleasant and it was a pleasure to meet every single one. We had a mad time and did a lot of things together like… (more…)

Alastair Thornton – England………click Here

Askari conservation programme was awesome. The staff that work there are a credit to Pidwa. The accomodation is awesome. All I can say is that Askari is lovely and will always stay with me forever, so I thank all parties invloved. 100%.

Mckenzie Brocker – USA …………click Here

Askari is a unique volunteer project that has real conservation goals. Whilst volunteering I learned so much you would never learn in another safari type experience. At the same time staying in a beautiful place with wonderful people, made great friends, had lots of fun, and contributed to the real conservation of South African ecosystems. The staff are friendly and… (more…)

Impromptu Elephant encounter

This mornings plan for the team was to collect hundreds of rocks from the dried up river bed to repair roads throughout the reserve. Once we had filled up a whole bucky (car with an open back) of rocks we drove to the damaged sites. Roads often form tyre channels during the wet seasons due to the water loosening the… (more…)