Monthly Archives: September 2015

What a week!

Spotted hyena, cheetah and lion were all encountered this week with each giving an incredibly unique sighting. Our first lion encounter occurred along a dried river bed where a male and female seemed to be relaxing after what looked like a large meal they’d devoured not that long before we discovered them. Similar to that of our cheetah encounter who… (more…)

Jess Wood – England………….click here

Having never done anything like this before I didn’t know what to expect. Nothing disappointed me though we did a variety of different activites but always allowed time to watch the animals. My first day here, on our way to move some fencing, we came across 3 lions in the river. We got close to them and sat and watched… (more…)

Just one of those drives!

Our new group of volunteers arrived this Monday and were extremely lucky with their first venture into the bush! We set off on a drive out into the bush for an obligatory sundowner where we all certainly did not expect to have such an eventful little trip! Our reserve fence patroller called us because he was ‘blocked by the lions’… (more…)

Cheetahs on Sleep out!

So this week we had our sleep out session, as some of you may know this involves setting up camp at a nice spot somewhere in the bush before building a fire which we then sleep around. On this occasion we chose the river which is all dried up at the moment as we are coming towards the end of… (more…)

Jess Wood 10th September 2015

Today we set out on the first of our 2 day Nyala moving! The first two males went down without a glitch, however the 3rd male wasn’t too happy… He jumped the fence, well more through the fence, into a different camp where he was unfortunately assaulted by another pretty fierce male. Not to worry though, the vet sorted him… (more…)

Esther Cowen – Australia…….click here

I had some spectacular sightings over my time at Askari. I had fun everyday and saw a side of conservation and the wild that not many people get to see.

The snakes are returning!

With Summer just around the corner we have had a few snake encounters in the last week, as they begin to come out of hibernation for the warmer weather. Firstly, we had a call recently to one of the hay stores by a staff member who had discovered a young Rock Python amongst the bales, these stores tend to attract… (more…)