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Sinead Grigg – England….click here

I’ve had opportunities to see Lions, Elephant, Honey Badgers and many more. I’ve learned so many things from all the different animal species to birds

Alexandre Rullier – France… here

We had some amazing moments with animals, nature an of course some good guys who were volunteers at the same moment!

Emberstar Wakefield – USA….click here

I had a better time than I could’ve even hoped for. It was an absolutely wonderful experience, sometimes it was hard work but very rewarding. Saw and did a wide variety of things and enjoyed it all. A week in, I am already planning my return for next year. I wish I never had to leave!

Sable and Nyala darting, with bonus Cheetah!

Well today has been one hell of a day. Our initial plan was to dart the remaining Sable and Nyala to be moved to buffalo camp and the new breeding camps. We moved 33 of the Sable last week so we only had the large males and a few sub-adults still to be moved. After successfully re-locating all 9 of… (more…)

Sable Moving Day

This week was moving out time for Askari’s Sable Antelope. All the Sable from the camps in and around the Askari base had to be moved to Buffalo Camp, as their management is to be rearranged and expansion of the Sable breeding program is to follow. This meant moving 42 Sable from 3 different camps into their new home at… (more…)

Buffalo Darting and Nyala relocation

Last Thursday was our scheduled day with our resident Veterinarian Peter. Our aim of the day was to dart 2 of the young Buffalo for routine procedures and to relocate two breeding male Nyala from Langa Langa into the breeding camps (if we could catch them!). Peter explained to the team about the required dosage of sedative for the buffalo,… (more…)

Saturday 1st of August _ Sinead Grigg

This morning at 6.30am we set of for an Herbivore drive. Soon after setting off we came across a herd of African elephants. The herd were enjoying their morning breakfasts and making a lot of noise while trying to get it but what a lovely start to the drive it was. After setting off again, only a couple of metres… (more…)

Askari Kruger trip

Earlier this week we were given the news that the team would be having a mid-week excursion to Kruger national park. For those of you who don’t know, Kruger is the largest national park in South Africa covering 19500 square kilometers. It was also the first of its kind, having been established in 1926. After just shy of a 2… (more…)

Honey Badgers, Lions, Elephants and more!

Less than 24 hours after arrival, not even 10 minutes into our first game drive with our new volunteers we spotted a Honey Badger foraging for what we suspect was hibernating frogs, Amazing! The Badger hung around for around ten minutes before skulking off back into the bush, only to reappear when we came past the same spot later that evening.SAM_0619 We have also been very lucky with the Elephants! A sighting almost every day with large herds of up to 18 having been spotted down by Lilypan near the Askari house. SAM_0631 Finally to end the week off on a high, an amazing sighting of a pair of spotted Hyenas down in the far south of the reserve on our early morning drive, who were very relaxed around us and lay in front of the vehicle warming up in the early morning sun. Thinking our luck could not continue we headed back for home, only to discover a Lion and Lioness in the road by the Selati river! They would not stop showing off their impressive teeth by continuously yawning in front of us as they prepared themselves to venture out for the evening. What a week of sightings, lets hope that our luck continues!