Monthly Archives: July 2014

Annie Fletcher – Australia….click here

We were lucky enough to participate in a range of exciting and worthwhile activities during our stay including a Sable darting and receiving a delivery of zebra and buffalo!

Jake Grifith – England (2nd stay)… here

There is not a single thing that I would change about the activities or the lifestyle, no day here us the same and that is the magic of the place

Greg Sollis – Australia….click here

Throughout the entire volunteer experience all efforts were able to be focused on important conservation work without any distractions or conditions

Claire Godfrey – Scotland……click here

I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge and a passion to spread it.

Neil Cowper – Scotland… here

Never want to leave

Merric Fletcher – Australia… here

The program was amazing and I had so much fun while learning so much

Rosalie Hayes – England (2nd stay)… here

As a volunteer, you see first hand how the actions of humans can help to return land back to its natural wilderness

Victoria Hartley-Cox – Canada… here

Askari felt like a little bit of home in the middle of the African bush.

Bradley Reynolds – Australia… here

Lastly, you can’t beat life out in the African bush

Elizabeth Lee – South Korea… here

The Askari Wilderness Conservation programme will surely fulfil (and most likely exceed) anyone’s expectations of conservation projects.