Monthly Archives: May 2014

Natalie Durant – England… here

I learnt so much in just a month and didn’t expect to fall in love with Africa quite so quickly but I am now counting down the days until I can go back again!

Cassandra Macmillan – Canada….click here

The work really feeds your soul, an empowering experience that makes you never want to leave.

Autumn Barrett-Morgan – Canada……click here

My time at Askari was a life-changing experience in the most positive way possible

Jeffery McFarlane – Canada….click here

It was so refreshing to experience the wilderness here as nature intended and 100% uncensored.

Keri-Ann Ward – Canada….click here

Askari is hands-on and practical

Deanna Hergert – Canada… here

It is a rare ting in this world to get to work towards conservation of such world-renowned wildlife and be so intimately involved in their world every day.

Joseph Broughton – Canada… here

My time at Askari has been one of if not the greatest experience of my life