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Prescribed management burns at Askari – 2013

Each Askarian was paired up with a member of ‘working on fire’ and we set off armed with drip torches, backpack sprayers and fire beaters.

Bram Sterckx – Belgium….click here

Perfect combination of conservation work, wildlife and fun!

Ailea Farooq – USA… here

I was impressed with the work that Askari does and loved being part of it!

Andrea Deigert – Germany (2nd stay)….click here

It was totally different to normal vacations and that was the thing I wanted.

Cristina Llorente – Spain… here

What I have enjoyed the most is to have the opportunity of seeing on the field some wild animals in their own environment.

Rosalie Hayes – England… here

But what’s unique about Askari is that you are truly contributing to the running of a game reserve which has wilderness preservation as its core purpose

Spela Golob – Slovenia….click here

It was more than just seeing stuff but learning about everything and being helpful as a volunteer.

Sophie Pell – England….click here

I’ve made some memories that will last for a lifetime

Ellen Larkin – Republic of Ireland ….click here

Quickest and most enjoyable 4 weeks of my life!