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The owner and manager of Pidwa Wilderness therefore took the difficult decision this month to DEHORN our Pidwa rhino

Some of our projects this week

While anaethestised, his collar was removed and then a number of DNA samples were taken including blood and hair samples. These will contribute to the EWT database and cheetah metapopulation project. After all the sheets were filled in, we all got a chance to sit next to the cheetah and get hands on while the drugs worked through his system. It was such an amazing feeling to see an animal like this so close up.

The week in view

A walk in Langa Langa for Brown hyaena habitat analysis was successful this week. 8 different points were visited with some points being random and some being taken from the hyaenas GPS collars.

Emily Williams – England/Italy….click here

During our two weeks I was able to learn a lot of wildlife conservation

Sara Khorasani – Scotland….click here

Returning back to the comfort of the Askari house and the promise of a delicious meal after a hard days work made my time here both satisfying and relaxing.

Jason Klimes – USA….click here

For those that are looking to work in conservation this program is top notch.

Jordan Gledhill – England….click here

It’s better than North Africa, so do it!

Events at Askari this week

We went via HQ to do this where we measured the python to be a respectable 2.8m!