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The Langa Cheetah Boys

The vet sedated Hwaqile and carried out some repairs and cleaning of the wounds. For now Hwaqile will be left in a boma to recover and we are hopeful for his return to health.

Rachel Nichols – England…..Click here

Every day here is an adventure as you never know what you’ll see! Thanks for such an amazing few weeks.

A very successful day

The afternoon led us back to Buffalo camp to see if we could find the poachers camp, with Joes detective skills and Rachels keen eye we uncovered the camp and bagged up all the rubbish left over.

Cheetah encounters!

We walked into the bush and she jumped from the grass and ran away, but soon slowed down and actually back tracked slightly.

Askari get a “behind the scenes” look at Kruger!

Fatalities vary from species of birds which land or collide in flight to giraffes hitting low lines.

Anti-poaching at Askari

On collection of the camera we found a fascinating collection of visitors, including; leopard, civet, laruge-spotted genet, honey badger, black-backed jackal and amazingly the rare side-striped jackal also!

Giant Barbel in Askari Waters!

This river giant proved just how impressive and capable it is was on land too!

Eddies aviary complete!

A massive thank you to ‘The Regulators’ for their hard work which has been much appreciated and has produced a new home for Eddie firmly cemented in the landscape of the Askari house sunrise.

New arrivals – Spotted hyena cubs confirmed on Pidwa!

A camera trap was quickly set in the afternoon and we are very pleased to report that on checking it yesterday morning we have atleast two cubs at the den.

Bush school

Today was quite adventurous…possibly more for Joe and Katie than for the volunteers as they happily taught us how to drive the game viewer up and down a steep hill through the Selati River. We all did amazingly well…even if there were a few stalls initially.

Rachel Bishop – England…..Click here

In our time here we helped to dart and release Nyala, took part in a mass capture of over 100 impala and build an aviary for Eddie the Eagle.

Matt Bishop – England…..Click here

My four weeks at Askari have been at times exhausting, at other times breathtaking, but always inspiring and rewarding. The dedication and enthusiasm the team here is very contagious.

Barbara Maingon – France…..Click here

The programme is very good and things are done the right way.

Chris Greenhill – Wales…..Click here

It’s a very hands on programme and you actually feel that you have helped and are making a difference to conservation

Ana Heredia – Spain… here

It’s a great programme and the fact that we are able to stop and enjoy all the animals around us from the smallest spider to the huge elephants.