Monthly Archives: May 2011

Michael Fraser – Canada…..Click here

Take part in what Askari has to offer, it will change your lives

Barb Elliot – Canada…..Click here

My time at Askari has been nothing short of inspirational

Lyndsay Shular – Canada…..Click here

Working at and with Askari was a phenomenal experience

Scott James – Canada…..Click here

Askari is a program that provides and exceptional environmental setting in which to learn about and participate in practical conservation and restoration work

Richard Goetz – Canada…..Click here

If you want an amazing experience that gives you perfect environmental background knowledge, then pursue Askari!

Stacey Jarrett – Canada…..Click here

I am returning to Canada with great hope that there are other people in the world that care as much I do about ecological conservation

Askari rocks!

Protection of giant Weeping boerbean tree completed by ‘The Magnificent 7’

Cobra vs Mongoose

Slender mongoose vs Snouted cobra…..who wins?!

Wildebeest release – April 2011

105 new Blue wildebeest added to the Pidwa population