Monthly Archives: April 2011

‘Project Impisi’ – Brown hyaena focus

‘Project Impisi’ is a new and important study being carried out by the staff and volunteers at Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme.

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Camp out day – Diary extract

A secluded spot in Langa down to a beautiful section of the riverbed

Elephants & Lions – Diary extract

After supper the roar of lions drew us out again and we had wonderful sightings of two females walking down the road in front of us

Nyala darting day – Diary extract

It is then important for everyone to keep their eyes on the animal darted so its progress can be followed until the drug takes effect.

A chilly but busy day – Diary extract

We headed out for a night drive after dinner

New cheetah arrival – Diary extract

“The Cheetahs are nearly here.”

Whopper elephant sighting – Diary extract

Within half and hour we had a line of about 30 elephants walking just meters away from the game viewer

More cheetah antics

The rogues vs the Langa coalition…..again!

Natalie Langowski – Germany… here

Definitely an experience I will remember with great joy for the rest of my life.

Kristina Videnova – Bulgaria…..Click here

The idea behind the whole reserve is fantastic and supporting the management as a volunteer is very fulfilling.

Eddie the eagle

This month the Askari team were able to rescue an injured Wahlbergs eagle which is now being rehabilitated