Monthly Archives: October 2010

Veronica Baas – Canada… here

You leave Askari knowing that the time you spent as a volunteer did make a difference to the running of this benchmark reserve. The experience will change your life and leave you wanting to return again and again

Sue Fletcher – UK… here

Accommodation was fabulous, food delicious and nutritious, and organisation faultless.

Cheetah vs Leopard

Which of these 2 cats comes out on top when they meet over a kill?

A young Serval kitten on its daily hunt

What a privelege, to watch a young serval go about its daily duties catching birds

Pangolin – The rarest creature in the African bush

An odd looking, armoured ant eater, the pangolin is an extremely rare treat to see

Monitoring of the hyaena in the boma

A digital camera trap has proved very useful in recording the interactions and activities of our hyena

Elephant darting & contraception – October 2010

Up close & personal with the largest land mammal on earth

Rhino Darting – September 2010

At a time when the species is being persecuted so much by poachers it was time to re-locate some males and bring in some females in the hopes of adding some indivduals to the population

Cheetah CSI – September 2010

What happens when the territories of 2 cheetah coalitions collide?

Mass game capture – August 2010

Running the curtains, helicopter flights, off-loading game. All in a days work

Nyala darting – June 2010

20 nyala moved to a new home

Ostrich release – May 2010

Crazy ostrich raleigh

Impala rutting season – April 2010

The impala have gone crazy!

Mountain reedbuck release – March 2010

38 new Mountain reedbuck released

Reptile deliveries – February 2010

Leopard tortoise and Puff adder released at Askari

New Askari pride member – January 2010

A tiny new lion cub has been spotted


Rates inclusive of all accommodation, food, activities and transfers to/from Hoedspruit airport.


Set in the heart of the reserve, the Askari house is surrounded by the wilderness of the African bush

Reserve records & Identification kits – Read more here

Records are kept of all sightings that the team enjoy of elephant, rhino, lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena and more

Predator & Prey dynamics research – Read more here

The predators provide us with some great sightings, especially if we’re lucky enough to find them feeding on a kill. This information is valuable to the management of the reserve

Nyala, Reedbuck & Sable breeding programme – Read more here

Askari volunteers help look after the breeding camps for rare antelope species

Nocturnal mammal monitoring – Read more here

A chance to see some of the rare, weird and elusive nocturnal creatures!

New game introductions – Read more here

Be a part of releasing new game onto our wilderness area

Lion contraception programme – Read more here

Volunteers may have the chance to get up close and personal with Africa’s largest carnivore

Sleep outs in the bush – Read more here

Nothing beats the sight of a shooting star across the milky way of the African sky

Marcel van Hussen – Costa Rica… here

“It is so great I cant stop thinking when I’m going to come back. 10 out of 10 rating”

Kelly Blakeley – UK… here

It really has been a lifetime experience.

Heather Wiles – USA… here

“It isn’t one of those volunteer programs where the project is running and the volunteers are extras. Here the volunteers are vital for the functioning of the program. We were always doing something important and were always aware of the rationale behind every activity.”

Andy Burnett – UK… here

“Everyday is guaranteed to bring plenty of laughs and you will learn new and exciting experiences while working with professionals.”

Jade Price – UK… here

“This month has been one of the best of my life! If you want to do something worthwhile then I’d highly recommend you come here!”

Rebecca Dicks – UK… here

“I have been on a few volunteer projects around the world but especially in Africa and I can honestly say Askari is by far the best value and the most amazing project. I highly recommend it anyone and think you are crackers if you don’t consider spend some time there.”

Jennifer Smith – UK… here

“In two weeks I took part in herbivore research drives, bush walks, checking perimeter fences, tracking cheetahs (five times), alien plant spraying, drives to look for rhino, installing a ground hornbill box 5 metres up in a tree, protecting an umbrella thorn from elephants by putting rocks around its base, drives to do game counts, a sleep out, monitoring sable, nyala and reedbuck projects and night drives.”

Steve Parker – USA… here

“I especially liked the focus on creating a wilderness area, as large as possible, to house endangered animals while developing the native habitats those animals need, rather than creating a maximally stocked reserve built for taking tourists on safari.”

Ben Peck – UK… here

“Plus, I now have the best stories to tell in the pub about holding scorpions, camping next to rhinos, hearing a wild lion roar, watching cheetahs hunt.”

Maja Ramlose – Denmark… here

“Every day means new tasks, and you will get to participate in and contribute to many of the various challenges and tasks that managing a game reserve is.”

Dennis De Paolo – USA… here

“You can volunteer part of your life towards making a difference in the right direction and when it is time to leave you know you did the right thing.”

Luke Matthews – UK… here

“Make one smart move….. go to Askari! You won’t be disappointed.”