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Herbivore age & sex monitoring – Read more here

Do you know your kudu from your nyala and steenbok from your duiker? Askari monitors the herbivore species as well as the predators

Game capture & release – Read more here

Askari assist with all new game releases onto the reserve and also with the huge task of game capture

Elephant impact & Monitoring – Read more here

Monitoring of the largest mammal on earth

Cheetah re-introduction – Read more here

Askari is part of the cheetah action plan to help conserve this endangered species

Giraffe feast for the lions

An adult male giraffe is a big meal, even for a pride of 7 lions with 4 hungry cubs to feed

Ground hornbill conservation – Read more here

Southern Ground hornbills need our help! Destruction of their nesting habitats is causing a decline in populations

African wildcat rehabilitation – Read more here

The African wildcat is a secretive nocturnal cat, but its populations are quickly becoming threatened due to in-breeding with domestic cats.

Birds of prey – Read more here

Birds of Prey (BOP’s!) are an essential part of a healthy, functioning ecosystem

Arrival of brown hyaena to Pidwa

Throughout August and September we have received 5 brown hyenas!

Road repairs & Maintenance – Read more here

There are no tar roads on Pidwa wilderness so our dirt tracks need a little maintenance

Restoration & Building projects – Read more here

If there’s a handy man in you, you’ll enjoy these projects

Reserve clean up – Read more here

Removing human debris and leftovers from a wilderness area is one of the most satisfying feelings you can find

Reed relocation & Planting – Read more here

If it’s up to your knees in mud you like then reed planting is the activity for you!

Protection of sensitive tree species – Read more here

A trialled and tested method of protecting trees from extreme elephant damage is carried out by volunteers

Fence patrols & Maintenance – Read more here

Volunteers assist with keeping our fences in good runnnig order

Ecological monitoring – Read more here

Volunteers collect vital ecological data which assists with management decisions on the reserve

Bush encroachment & Erosion control – Read more here

Erosion and bush encroachment control is a huge part of restoring the African bush back to its natural state. Volunteers carry out this vital work from the very start, re-picking the soil and re-sowing the seed.

Anti-poaching – Read more here

Volunteers assist with anti-poaching patrols and removal of snares and bush kitchens

Alien Plant Control – Read more here

Volunteers are taught how to recognise and treat various alien plant species and are then an integral part of the clearing process.

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